Auction Policies



In an effort to keep things simple, clear and concise V.I.P. Auctions sets forth the following policies as they relate to the normal course of business and applies to both Buyers and Sellers.
  • Auction is open to licensed Dealers only.
  • Bidder Badges MUST be visible at all times, to all authorities both uniformed and undercover Law Enforcement and Auction Staff, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Bidder Badges are required to be presented for all test drives.
  • Registration must be complete prior to 10am on sale day in order to purchase that day (For Documents needed, please refer to “ Auction Registration Form ”).
  • All parties will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
  • Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted on auction property on Sale Day.
  • Any minor child MUST be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.
  • Smoking will not be allowed inside of any building on Auction Property
  • The Auction makes no guarantees or representations on any vehicle offered for sale or sold through Auction.
  • As a courtesy, the Auction pulls a CARFAX AND AUTOCHECK on every vehicle and discloses any relevant information deemed pertinent to the sale of the vehicle.
  • Sales Contract is between Buyer and Seller only.
  • All vehicles are subject to Inspection by authorities and/or auction as deemed necessary.
  • All purchases must be removed from Auction Property within 48 hours to avoid incurring storage fees.
  •  If leaving a vehicle on the Auction Property past sale day you are responsible for moving the vehicle to the sold area, rolling up windows, pulling keys and locking vehicle.
  • Auction is NOT responsible for any damage to vehicles left unattended.
Seller Responsibilities:
  • Sellers are responsible for providing accurate information. Any statements written or verbal made by seller, auction or auctioneer or representative of seller, supplied by seller must be accurate or corrected at time of sale.
  • Seller is responsible for properly disclosing Title or Mileage issues. Auction will run VIN checks through the reporting agencies and make every attempt to notify buyers of any discrepancies but Seller is ultimately responsible.
Buyer Responsibilities:
  • Buyers must be aware of what they are bidding on during the auction. If there is a question as to which vehicle is being auctioned, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ask the Auctioneer which vehicle is on the block.
  • Buyers have the opportunity to check the vehicles prior to Auction start time. Test drives are allowed up until 30 mins. before start of auction. Please do not remove keys or leave vehicles running.
  • Test Drives are a “Privilege” and are extended to registered V.I.P Auction Dealers only. Your Dealer Plates are required to be on your person when leaving the property. Buyers that choose to test drive vehicle can do so but at their own risk. Any damage, citation or accident that results from a test drive is solely the perspective Buyer’s responsibility, holds Auction and Seller harmless and is ultimately fiscally responsible for any related costs.
  • During test drive, if a vehicle experiences a break down, it will be the responsibility of the driver to arrange for transport back to the Auction property. If the Auction arranges a transport, the charges for transport will be the perspective buyer’s responsibility.
  • Buyer’s must make payment arrangements on day of sale. If you are not floor planning, we must have cash or check before the vehicle can leave the property (Floor Plan fee is $25 per unit).  If you run out of checks or forget your checkbook there will be a daily late payment fee assessed based on sale price of vehicle. A paid Buyers Form will be required to remove your purchases from the Auction Property.
  • All payments are due the same day of the auction. Failing to do so will result in a $50 late fee per vehicle the following day. *ONLINE BUYERS will have until 1:00 P.M. the following day, then will be assessed late fees.
  • “IF Sales” IF Sales are binding until 12pm “Noon” the day after the sale. This means if you place a bid “on a call”, you will not be able to decline until the noon deadline has passed. Please bid accordingly.
All vehicles are sold AS-IS, there will not be any arbitration allowed for mechanical or frame issues.
Title Policy – 30 days with a 24hr notice. Electronic notifications not accepted, you will need to speak with our Title Department in person if you intend to arbitrate under the 30 Title Policy. Only Transportation expenses will be reimbursed in cases of returning a car under the Title Policy.
Title Brands or Mileage discrepancies must be brought to the Auction attention immediately. The Auction does not arbitrate solely on the data from reporting agencies. Each case is reviewed independently by the auction and a fair and just decision will be made.