TAP – The Auction Platform

Introducing TAP the most convenient auto auction platform. Bringing the network right to your fingertips.

Did you know we don’t just have a physical auction anymore? We have options that fit your needs.

After joining the V.I.P. family you gain access to The Auction Platform (TAP). With TAP, becoming a buyer has never been easier. It means you have access to all of V.I.P. Auctions inventory including the “Buy Now” inventory. This is one of the platforms we have for vehicles that buyers did not win during the physical auctions. It also means you have access to other auctions inventory in or out of state.

V.I.P. has many options for winning including the ability for Buy Now auctions, Live Broadcasting auctions, static Online auctions.

So come by, sign up today and check out our run list to win your next sale!

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