The V.I.P. Way

The V.I.P. Way!

Every week we present a video leading up to the next days auto auction here at V.I.P. In the videos, we highlight a few of our fantastic dealers and the inventory they bring to us. We send out the same video to our dealers and buyers through our email blast and our text messaging database. It is a great way to get an up-close look at some of the inventory before auction day and a helpful reminder of announcements leading through the week. If you aren’t currently part of one of our databases which receive the video we strongly encourage you to join. If you aren’t sure if you are already part of our database just send us an email, call us up, or let us know during auction day and we will make sure you become part of the V.I.P. database right away!


Phone: 678-889-7776

Wednesday at 2 pm is Auction Day. The run list is available every week showcasing the most up to date inventory that will be available to bid on.We look forward to seeing you here any and every week!

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