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The Ultimate Auctioneer Podcast List!

Jim Smith and Jeff Stansberry have over 45 years of auction experience. From automobiles, commercial real estate, residential and development property to farms and ranches, heavy equipment and farm machinery. Auctioning specialty assets such as classic cars, some of the finest purebred livestock in the world, and the most prime of estates, Smith and Stansberry combined have auctioned assets totaling in the BILLIONS of dollars.

They formed AUCTION OVERDRIVE to offer one of the most diverse and experienced teams in the global industry of auctions. Companies such as Manheim, Adesa, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, BMW, Barrett Jackson,, and Keeneland have utilized their talents and services to increase sales and profits to their heavy hitter list of clients. Now these services are available to you.

On those long drives stop by and check out some of the GREAT interview segments Jim and Jeff had with various auctioneers in the industry. GUNS. WATCHES. WINE. CATTLE. All in a days work for these guys and gals.

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